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  • OpenCUAS
    Built for the global institution
    Do you
    - have multiple teaching locations?
    - need multiple languages?
    - serve a global student population?
    If so, contact us.
  • OpenCUAS
    Administrate your way
    Join a community focused on professional
    and theological schools.
  • OpenCUAS
    The OPEN College and
    University Administrative System

Fully Integrated

  • Academics
  • Student Life
  • Admissions
  • Human resources
  • Student Billing
  • Alumni
  • Donor / Fund Management
  • HESA and Exam
  • one centralized database


  • Customize
  • Degree tracks
  • Forms and links
  • Transcripts


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Others...

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OpenCUAS offers a multi-lingual, multi-site solution that empowers your institution to function in whatever model is appropriate for you.

You can adapt to the rapidly changing educational environment, centralize and lower overall costs, and provide a great user and student experience.

The Vision for OpenCUAS

A Response to the current trends in higher Education.

An Information system to empower you

OpenCUAS is a fully integrated college and university administrative system that is customizable,


General Overview

General Functionality

General Functionality

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OpenCUAS - a modern system built for a global and innovative institution

You want to adapt to the rapidly changing educational environment but you are faced with an expensive, inflexible, and outdated legacy system. Perhaps even spreadsheets. OpenCUAS is a modern system built for a global and adapting educational environment. Using your expertise, you can guide your institution through implementing new requirements quickly and affordably so you can focus on students, not software.

Integrate with AD / LDAP

OpenCUAS is able to connect with Microsoft’s Active Directory via LDAP for user authentication. Users are able to use the same login credentials for OpenCUAS, Moodle, or any other LMS you integrate.

Collaborate well

The OpenCUAS global catalog allows you to collaborate with other institutions in your consortium. 

Love your Constituency

One system for managing alumni, friends, churches, and other organizations.

Empower your people

Staff, faculty, and coordinators have full online access when and where needed.

No huge IT team needed

Standard Open Systems

OpenCUAS runs as a tomcat application on Linux, to save on licensing costs, or windows for ease of administration. 

You Support or we Support

Whatever works best for you. It can be installed on site or hosted by us.

Low hardware requirements

OpenCUAS does not require a large server investment. Depending on your institution size it can be a small as 4 cores, 16G RAM and 500G of hard drive. 

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User Reviews

Our clients and what they say.


The QuinSoft Corporation is the commercial backer of OpenCUAS a fully integrated college, university, and seminary administrative solution.