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General Functionality

General Functionality

A consistent interface to all information is maintained throughout the system. Prospect, student, donor, alumni, etc. information is tied to general person information, and thereby tied back to other information in the system.

OpenCUAS contains HESA Management(UK) and IPED Support(USA)

Communications with all people (prospects, students, donors, alumni, etc.) churches, schools, and organizations in the system have the option to be generated to individuals or groups by e-mails or regular mail communications through the same user interfaces.

Document and e-mail generation from templates and database information is provided for all functional areas.

A full high-level inquiry and reporting system allows complex data to be gathered and analyzed on all institutional data. This is provided at several interface levels to support the varying requirements and expertise of users.

Extensive query and analysis capabilities can be made against any data in the system with the query results being presented as online or printed reports or exported to spreadsheets or other external systems.

Queries are dynamically defined and are saved and re-executed by other personnel.

Messages can be created for display on staff, student, or faculty portals. Useful for upcoming system outages, school closings, etc.

In addition to the standard help files provided, each school can create their own help files to explain their procedures, and they will display on the help page as well.

Multiple language capability (currently 12 languages supported)

Multi-language capability for user entered content such as Course Title, Degree Track, Degree Major, Department , Campus Location and others

Profile - Each user can update their preferred display language from their profile page.

Multilingual support for user content in Application and Host

Conversion tools to assist in the transition from another system.

User management tool allows you to change password, set permissions, and see last login date/time. Role based permissions allow you to customize create, read, update, and delete permissions for each area of the staff portal.

Customize data in most selection boxes throughout the site to work with your schools processes.

External integration with Quickbooks, Moodle, Canvas, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and OPALs library software and external links to share with students.

Activity or contact records are automatically generated for all system-generated communications.

Documentation on system use is provided through online help.

Security is provided at various logical levels to provide ease-of-specification and full read/write control of data to the level required for the varying types of users in each functional area.

Custom Attributes

OpenLDAP Groups

Moodle Integration

External Access Keys


The QuinSoft Corporation is the commercial backer of OpenCUAS a fully integrated college, university, and seminary administrative solution.