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Proudly Partnering with Techserve Holdings South Africa

QuinSoft and OpenCUAS is proud to announce their alliance with Techserve Holdings Johannesburg South Africa. Techserve is the leader in educational technology, media production and learning management systems in South Africa. Their years of experience in media, production, and learning management systems is a natural fit for this partnership. Techserve's modern learning platform, theology learn ( and video learn ( are the forward looking platforms todays educational environment demand. For more information, check out

Partnership - Church of the Nazarene

QuinSoft has partnered with the Church of the Nazarene International Board of Education to deploy OpenCUAS for their educational institutions worldwide. OpenCUAS was rebranded as GENCSIS for their institutions. Currently this has been deployed to 13 schools in the US, Europe, Africa, Central and South America. Translated into 9 languages, OpenCUAS/GNECSIS has enabled distance learning students to participate in their native language. 

ANU Kenya  Africa Nazarene University Kenya
APNTS The Philippines APNTS The Philippines
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Chapman Thailand

NBC East Africa


Nazarene Theological College England

NTC South America


Nazarene Theological Seminary USA

Southern Africa Nazarene University

Kingdom of Swaziland Africa




SENDAS Costa Rica

STN Argentina


STN Ecuador 




The QuinSoft Corporation is the commercial backer of OpenCUAS a fully integrated college, university, and seminary administrative solution.