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Academic Records/ Registrar (Traditional & Non-Traditional Students)

Management and coordination of Courses, Classes, Student Schedules, Degree Majors, Degree Track, Degree Audits, Cohorts, Programs, Classrooms, Faculty data, et. al. is done thru the administration portal. Classes, Final Exams, and Classrooms are automatically scheduled and analyzed. A variety of information on student records is provided in both printed report and email formats. Student performance against requirements are tracked and reported through Degree Audit using Registrar, Faculty, and Student interfaces.

Web interfaces allow the online entry of grades by faculty as well as online class registration by both faculty and students.

Classes can also be organized around cohorts, programs, and class locations.

  • Academic Hold - Similar to Financial Hold, but allows the registrar to prevent registering
  • Instructor assigned
  • Degree Transcript
  • Transcript - with background image for unofficial transcripts.
  • Degree Candidacy
  • Degree Tracks
  • Student List Report
  • Photo Roster


  • Schedule and Registration (also available by degree audit, by class period, or by cohort)
  • Available classes by location
  • Transfers and Waiver Tracking
  • GPA Calculator
  • Academic Standing and Honors
  • Academic Standing and Graduation Honors calculations
  • Degrees - Major/Minor and Degree Audit
  • Custom Transcript Creation
  • Degree Candidacy
  • Contact History
  • Educational History
  • Change Log
  • Notes


  • Classes
  • Teaching by location
  • Advisees
  • Department/Division
  • Contact History


  • General information about the course including catalog years, credits, and department
  • Requisites (Pre-requisites and Co-requisites)
  • Cross Listed Courses
  • Change Log
  • Historical offerings


  • General information about classes, including campus, delivery, and additional fees
  • Roster
  • Schedule/Room
  • Multiple instructors
  • Attendance tracking
  • Final exam scheduling
  • Grading – Midterm and Final Grades (instructor grade and official grade)
  • Class evaluations
  • Books
  • Syllabus uploading
  • Change Log


  • Graduation moves students to alumni status.
  • Degrees
  • Other degree information, such as degrees from other schools, honorary degrees, or non-graduates
  • Personal Information
  • Family relationships Current church and/or church positions
  • Current employer or other related organizations
  • Contact History
  • Change Log
  • Other Notes

Person contact database (global)



The QuinSoft Corporation is the commercial backer of OpenCUAS a fully integrated college, university, and seminary administrative solution.