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Student Accounts

Student Accounts (Traditional & Non-Traditional)

Provides for student billing based on registration information. Applies scholarships as awarded from financial aide. Generates student account statements on a periodic (monthly) or on-demand basis. Limited Student Account access possible for Campus Coordinators. 

Include custom billing structures, including the potential for billing for health insurance, dorms, vehicles, meal plans, classes, lab fees, and other fees.


  • Billable items
  • Transactions (per term or complete list)
  • Generate Charges – Manually or Calculated
  • Payment Contract
  • Statements
  • Current Class Schedule and Class History
  • Contact History
  • Change Log

Person contact database (global)

Organization contact database


  • Generate charges by term or by student
  • Aging List
  • Export transactions to QuickBooks or other accouting system
  • Cashier - add charges to a student’s account, accept payments, and print receipts.


Other Notes

  • Student billing integrates directly with registrar’s office for more accurate billing.
  • Student account information also available on student portal.


The QuinSoft Corporation is the commercial backer of OpenCUAS a fully integrated college, university, and seminary administrative solution.