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An Information system to empower you

OpenCUAS is a fully integrated college and university administrative system that is customizable, multilingual, and affordable. It is designed to be flexible and allow collaborative opportunities among schools, seminaries, and non-traditional programs around the world.

  • Structure and run your institution as you want.
  • Grow with your needs so you never "outgrow" your software
  • Provide a strong student self-service portal
  • Simplify addition of new programs, courses, and degrees
  • Centralize record keeping of all campuses and teaching locations
  • Ease the entry and retrieval of accurate data
  • Easily train new, rotating, or part-time staff
  • Develop, track, and recruit students through targeted marketing
  • Develop, track, and solicit donors


The QuinSoft Corporation is the commercial backer of OpenCUAS a fully integrated college, university, and seminary administrative solution.